July 8, 2014

visitors, libraries and the potty

We had another lovely visit with Nana and Grampa. This time around, rara wasn't afraid at all and didn't hesitate for a moment to let Nana and Grampa scoop her up. The kids love having them here. There are more trips outside, more pushes on the swing, more hands to catch and throw balls and more love to go around. We just started some Therapeutic Horse riding lessons and were thrilled to have them come and watch.

We had lots of busy days with Nana, Grampa and Daddy. Now we are back to the quiet of just us. I love having the help and seeing my parents but I also love my alone time. We took an afternoon to head to the library.

We have been going to different libraries since the kids were babies and we've finally hit a point where I don't spend the entire time chasing and redirecting. It's still a bit hectic but I am able to flip through books and find just the right ones that each child will love. I have a system in place to get the kids out of the library happily too. But my favorite part of going to the library is when we come home. I dump the bag of books on the floor and the kids dive in.

What follows is silence. Beautiful silence. I swear you can hear their brains growing as well.

My buddy is back in school - just 3 days a week for 2.5 hours. Enough time to drive Grampa to the airport and fold some laundry or run an errand. Today after school and some chores were done inside, we headed out to play in water. Nothing brings a smile like water on a hot day.

My buddy spent the whole time pouring buckets of water on his own head and then laughing like a fool. They got all wet then stomped around in the grass making themselves so muddy, the only logical choice was to head straight to the bath tub. Summer at its finest. It was grand fun that almost makes up for the fact that I am knee deep in potty training both rara and my buddy. Potty training takes an extreme amount of determination, patience and persistence. Nothing about it is fun. I look forward to coming out the other side.

Until then, we will focus on the fun.

I assure you, this is NOT the face she gives me when I tell her it's time to sit on the potty ... again.

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