October 9, 2014

big brother

Their relationship started a little rocky. Mostly because he made her cry daily. But now they have something sweet going on. Every time we come into the house, rara sits down and holds her foot out and says, "Buddy, a little help here." Then my buddy plops down in front of her and takes her shoes off for her. Now, rara can take off her own shoes - probably easier than my buddy can take off her shoes. But for some reason, she loves to have him take them off for her. And my buddy relishes in the roll of big brother.

Of course he has been known to knock her down just so he can help her stand back up again. He's still perfecting how to be a big brother.

In other news, after a check up at the pulmonologist, we discovered that my buddy was still having a few apnea episodes an hour. His machine was adjusted accordingly on Monday. And from Tuesday on, he has had awesome days at school. Between the good sleep and the implementation of the behaviorists recommendations, I think we are no longer drowning in the deep end. Phew!

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