October 13, 2014


Yesterday we started the season of Holiday Fun with the traditional outing to the pumpkin patch. I love that we have all these traditions - making memories that will last. The pumpkin patch involves a hay ride pulled by a tractor and tromping around the pumpkin patch looking for the perfect one. There is also a mini hay maze with lots of fun slides.

As soon as we get there, my buddy is off and running. He heads to the horse barn where 4 VERY large horses are hanging out and tries to walk in the little stall with each horse right near their back legs. I get to carry him out before he gets kicked in the head.

Next is the hay ride. Even last year, my buddy was a little apprehensive but once the ride started, he loved every second. This year, he freaked out the whole time. I had to carry him on and hold him in my lap while he moaned. At one point he tried to escape my arms - most likely to hurl himself off the back of the trailer. I had to turn him around so he was facing me and then bear hug him. But once off the hay ride, he pumps his fist into the air and shouts "Yeah!".

All the kids loved wandering the patch and the weather was perfect. Rara hung out with Daddy - stuck to his side. Luckily we weren't too far from the barn, so we could walk back and didn't have to endure another ride.

When we were home later, we starting wondering what happened that made my buddy so scared of everything lately. Things he used to love, like when the firetrucks come to school. He gets so freaked out and won't go near them. I've heard about sensory issues in children with Down syndrome for years. But selfishly, I've never done anything about it. Between PT, OT, Speech, Special Ed, and the countless doctors we see, I just didn't want one more thing on our plate. It can be overwhelming.

Today I researched sensory integration therapy. Now I have guilt. It seems like my buddy would have really benefited from a sensory diet starting about 3 years ago. Why no one suggested this until just recently baffles me. I've started the ball rolling with my research and an email to his current special ed teacher. With my buddy in school for so much of the day, we need to coordinate our efforts so he can receive help both at school and home.

Unfortunately, we are in the middle of a long weekend, so nothing will happen for a few more days. I'm the kind of person who wants it NOW. (much like Veruca Salt) Instead of diving in to another therapy, we shall relax for two more days. Stay late in our jammies. Invite a friend over. Head to the library. Maybe carve a pumpkin if we are feeling adventurous.

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